2021 Summer Camps

School of YES!

Cara Mía Theatre. and the Oak Cliff Cultural Center are excited to announce The School of YES! Summer Camp, a multidisciplinary arts academy for youth. The mission of The School of YES! is to give young people the skills to say “yes” to a future of their choice rather than feel pressured into a future defined by their environment.

Oak Cliff Cultural Center and Cara Mía Theatre will award 20 scholarships. Applications are now closed.

You can learn more about Cara Mía Theatre here.


Creative Arts Center of Dallas

Creative Arts Center of Dallas and Oak Cliff Cultural Center present Run With the PACK, a free, immersive hands-on public mural camp for underserved teens, 12-16 years old. Through the camp students will learn about the nuances of creating a large-scale public art installation, from conception to application. 

The goal is to teach students all aspects of a public art piece including understanding the history of the neighborhood and building where the painting will be created, identifying the purpose of the art piece, designing the composition, and drawing it in a large scale.  Students will also learn about the importance of respecting public and private property.  Run With the PACK will also include a tour of murals in Deep Ellum.


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Prism Movement Theater

Join Prism Movement Theater and Oak Cliff Cultural Center for a fun series of Summer workshops!

Students are invited to participate in these Summer workshops that reflect the subject matter of Lucha Teotl. These classes will combine the history of Aztec mythology with the rich cultural tradition of Lucha. In the first phase of class, students will be given a crash course on the stories of the different gods within the Aztec mythology. Then, students will use these Aztec gods to create their very own luchador masks. Once these masks are completed, students will create their very own luchador personas, complete with promo speeches, powerful character specific poses, and even a few lucha moves. The course will finish off with a final performance, complete with promo speeches and wrestling choreography.


Dance, Culture and Fashion Design

Explore dance, culture, and fashion design alongside artists Iv Amenti and Renee Michelle. These workshops are designed for young women ages 11 – 17 and will focus on exploring dance, culture, and fashion design.