Reserving Space

The Oak Cliff Cultural Center (OC3) is committed to enriching and empowering the Dallas community through arts and culture programming that is equitable, diverse and encourages communication that supports and promotes local artists while nurturing knowledge and growth within the community.

The Multi-purpose space hosts a variety of workshops and events that are hosted by OC3 and individuals/organizations that serve the Dallas community.

Requests from artists and organizations are accepted and reviewed for inclusion in the programming quarterly. Proposed events/workshops should provide an opportunity for the community to engage with relevant topics and diverse ideas through arts and cultural programming.

The Oak Cliff Cultural Center requires proposals be submitted at least 30 days prior to event date. Meeting this requirement does not confirm acceptance of your proposal.

Guidelines and rules for the use of the multi-purpose space are available on request.

Proposal Application is available at


Individuals and community organizations should abide by the following policies when granted occupancy of the space for events at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center whether under written contracted reservation or verbal agreement authorized by Oak Cliff Cultural Center staff. Staff includes the Manager and Cultural Programs and Gallery Coordinators only. In the absence of the Manager, Cultural and Gallery Program Coordinators are acting Managers.

Event/Workshop Schedule and Coordination

Users must provide an event/workshop schedule and logistics to Oak Cliff Cultural Center staff no later than 2 weeks prior to event.  This includes any technical requests. Event hours are subject to availability and approval by the Oak Cliff Cultural Center staff. Users are allowed only the reserved space authorized by Oak Cliff Cultural Center staff. Reserved space (multi-purpose) will include use of bathrooms, entry, and hallways. Requests to utilize dressing rooms, café/kitchen, storage areas, or other space must be authorized by staff in written agreement. The gallery is not included in reserved space.

Event/Workshop Marketing

Users must provide marketing materials (images, graphics, social media content, press releases) to Oak Cliff Cultural Center for approval no later than 2 weeks prior to the event and before releasing to the public.

Food and Drink Policy

Authorization to serve food or beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) must be approved by Oak Cliff Cultural Center staff. Food and drink are not allowed in the art gallery. Users are responsible for returning the space to a safe, sanitary, and clean condition prior to leaving the premises.  This includes removing trash and cleaning spills.

Personal Property

The Oak Cliff Cultural Center is not responsible for personal property left on site.  Artwork displayed in the multi-purpose space for short term exhibitions are not insured.  The Oak Cliff Cultural Center is not responsible for storing personal property or art objects and reserves the right to discard without notice any property or artwork left onsite after closing date(s) of event.


User shall not block doorways, sidewalks, ramps, entries, or hallways when using the premises for events or loading in. Track lights, fluorescent lighting, and windows may not be covered without express permission and assistance of cultural center staff. In the event lighting needs adjusting, Oak Cliff Cultural Center staff will assess and complete request. 

Candles, Incense, Vapes

Candles and Incense are not allowed to be lit in the Oak Cliff Cultural Center. As a City of Dallas facility, we have a NO SMOKING policy, and this includes vaping. Vapes, Lit Candles, and Incense will trigger our fire safety system which will alert first responders to immediately respond.


The Oak Cliff Cultural Center is not responsible for sales during events organized by outside parties.  Sales of food, drink, novelties, or artwork are the responsibility of the event organizer or individual artist(s).