Practicing Presence + Peace


A Well Being Series

Guided by pracitioner Tyler Morgan

Mindfulness invites us to be present with ease. Each class in the series will include a brief breathing and movement meditation. Participants will be guided through artful ways to experience herbalism while gaining insight to support themselves and loved ones.

This is a six-session series. Participants may register for a single session, all of the series or choose a few.  Each session requires a separate registration. Details about each session are available by clicking on the registration link.

Tyler Morgan is a multidisciplinary artist and Serenity Specialist. She has 10+ years of childcare and child development experience. From working as an assistant at her mother’s childcare center to teaching in Montessori classrooms, she has gained years of experience in cultivating patience and connection with children and their parents. Tyler is certified in Montessori Core Principles, a licensed massage therapist and certified phytotherapist. The teachings in this unique parent support series are a blend of embodying wellness practices and the art of cultivating connection. 

Workshop Dates/Times

Click the link in blue to register for each workshop/date

Week 1 – Introduction: Saturday, January 21, 2-3:30 PM registration at:

Week 2 The Power of Sight: Saturday, January 28, 2-3:30 PM registration at

In this session participants will gain insightful ways to build deeper connection to themselves and their children through the sense of sight. A botanical artwork will be created.

Week 3 The Power of Smell: Saturday, February 4, 2-3:30 PM registration at

In this session participants will be provided with an array of scents to create a unique smell to support of self and family in their regulations of moods and routines.

Week 4The Power of Touch: Saturday, February 11, 2-3:30 PM registration at

In this session participants will engage in a sensorial activity; exploring plant based textures and learning about their comfort with touch. Participants will also learn soothing hand and feet massage to support themselves and their loved ones. 

Week 5 –The Power of Taste: Saturday, February 18, 2-3:30 PM registration at

Flavor perception is the foundation of exploration in human development. Participants will have the opportunity to taste different herbs from around the world. These herbs are nervines which help nourish the nervous system. In this session participants will have the opportunity to create tea blends for supporting yourself and family.

Week 6 -The Power of Sound: Saturday, February 25, 2-3:30 PM registration at

During this final session particpants will be guided through a relaxing and restorative movement meditation to healing music. The movement explored throughout this session will be an easy activity for participants to practice alone or with loved ones.

To ensure access to the community, please register only if you are sure you can attend.  


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