Join us to celebrate World Cyanotype Day!

Saturday, September 30, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Participants will explore the history of cyanotypes, a photography process using sunlight and paper coated with a photo sensitive solution to create one of kind prints with a variety of blue tones. 

All materials are provided. Participants are welcome to bring small plant cuttings, botanical specimens, and small translucent objects to use in the process. See this process here:

Artist’s Biography and Workshop Statement

Our work reflects our rich cultural background, Mexico (Rosalia Salazar) and Peru(Braulio Lazón), with all its similitudes and differences, we mash them into a congruent humanistic dialogue.

With aid from the sun, we conjure into the shadows to capture moments in time and space by developing Cyanotypes. For us, the color blue filters our focus to a deep state of “Senti-pensar” (feel-think), where intent and love for anything we create, opens the possibilities and a path to show respect and honor our ancestral guide Pacha-mama (Mother Nature).

As community artists, our goal is to engage in a discourse of honesty and two-way learning. Each of us is made of stories, like leaves in a tree, we are all alike and different in our own right. Based on this idea and assistance from science we use chlorophyll within the leaves to imprint our visual tales.

CORASONORA’s aim is to stimulate the creative itch and invite everyone to conceive their own impression of life.



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